Staying in Touch with the Open Ground of Creativity

As human beings we have this extra element of being able to be touched and touch others and appreciate both aspects and one of the ways that we can be touched and able to touch others is through art, through creativity. 

So to be able to express this human right to appreciate and appreciate particularly creativity of the human mind and the mind that has a tremendous potential to naturally express its own dynamic in the world in large, whether it is in the nature or in the world of inanimate or in the world of element, I think it is such a blessing. 

I always say, if in the world there was no music, how would that world be, if there wasn’t dance, how would that world be? If there wasn’t sculptures, how would that world be? As much as this world is enhanced by science and technology, I think the artist and the art that they have created really has been the soul of the human spirit and uplifting of the human spirit in the world and when we speak about the creativity, I think, maybe one example, my creativity, and I hope you are enjoying the sense of my creativity, but that creativity is in all of you, you are creating always something, whether it is your though or idea or a sentence of writing or piece of drawing or just making tea or rearranging your bedroom or living room, there is an engagement with your creativity, so why not be in touch with that...

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